Frequently asked questions is your go-to platform for organizing a wide array of events, ensuring each one is memorable and seamlessly managed. Whether you're planning an intimate dinner party, celebrating a milestone like a graduation, hosting a family occasion such as wedding or baby shower, a childs birthday, a festive holiday party, or a professional corporate event. The possibilities are endless. offers a versatile solution for any event you can imagine.

You start out putting together a simple RSVP website by writing a title and description, choosing a banner, uploading an image, and adding your event date. Once you are happy with the invite you can choose some options on how you want RSVP's to be collected, such as asking for additional contact information, whether you want to collect guest counts, and more. Once you have it set up the way you want you can copy the link and send it out to your invitees however you wish. They can each visit the website and add their RSVP.

Yes, if your guest RSVP's then they can revisit the website again from the same device anytime to update their response, otherwise you are always welcome to manually change their status if you have heard of a change outside of the website. With a premium plan, attendees receive an email after their RSVP with event details and a clickable link to update their RSVP status.

You can use the platform for free for personal events up to 20 people. If you have a larger event we recommend you upgrade your plan to Premium to give you additional RSVPs as well as premium features that provide additional benefits for you and your guests.

Not yet, right now its up to you to send out the email or text messages with the link to the invite that we provide. Someday we may add that functionality.

An invite link is simply a small microsite webpage that allows you to send out the web address to friends and family in order for them to RSVP for your event. You can customize the content of the page with a banner and details about your event.

If you weren't happy with the service we can provide you a refund for your purchase as long as you ask within 30 days of your purchase.

Please share it with us! We are actively listening for how the platform could be better and better serve event organizers like yourself.